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Your Retirement Roadmap

Map a journey with industry experts to get where you want to be. Learn how to deal with bumps in the road, avoid costly detours, travel lightly and how to set your sights on the destination of your choosing.
3 experts invite you to the Downsizing Done Right Workshop. The workshop merges all the considerations when downsizing: including finances, de-cluttering, where to go, and how to maximize & manage all assets to get there.
The half day interactive workshop will give you the knowledge and tools to navigate your own unique roadmap to the retirement you want.
Topics Include:
  1. Get Ready to Downsize
  2. Property Options that Make the Most Financial Sense
  3. Critical Steps to Prepare My Home to Sell
  4. Tackling the De-cluttering Dilemma
  5. Maintaining Independence Through the Process
  6. Maximizing your Return on Investment
  7. Identify Ways for using the Proceeds for the Lifestyle You Want

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Richmond Hill

Join us at the Richmond Hill Centre for Preforming Arts on November 20, 2019. The event will take place from 9:00am - 12pm.