Timing The Market…Is It Even Possible?

It may have been a while since you last sold a property, or perhaps even you have never sold. Regardless of your experience level, one elusive seller “holy grail” remains the notion of timing the market. This is particularly of interest now that the real estate market has returned to something closer to a “balanced market.” 
So the question remains, can you time the Market to maximize your sale price? 
No one can say for certain what the future market conditions will be like. And logically, the further in the future, the more speculative advice becomes.
However, the past market conditions have been very well documented, and trends do recur. Take for example the notorious “Spring Market.” Prices are higher, inventory does not meet demand, and sales generally occur with fewer days on market. The Spring market is a reality proven by 15+ years of prices peaking in the second quarter of the year, and gradually falling off during the slower summer months.
Surprisingly, the second highest prices are achieved by sellers in the months of September through November. Homeowners do not frequently consider the 
“Fall Market” as an ideal time to sell, but it is! Cool weather and a desire to settle the move before the holidays and winter weather means that potential home buyers abound.
Regardless of market trends, however, the best time to move is when YOU are ready. There are always people searching for a new home due to circumstances that are not seasonally affected.
A well-priced, attractively prepared home in a desirable neighbourhood will always attract buyers. Especially when you list and sell your home with a S.M.A.R.T. agent!
Source: https://smartrealtysolution.com/timing-the-marketis-it-even-possible

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